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Welcome to 2017/18 School Year

Exam Schedule

This is the tentative exam schedule for Term II:

Geography 6 May 29 (part 1)
June 1 (part 2)
Science 7 June 5 (2 periods)
ICT 8 Final project due not later than June 8 (late work will NOT BE ACEPTED!
CompSci 9 Paper 1 (one period): 4 June
Paper 2 (90 minutes): 24 May


Sea Level Rise

New study confirms continued acceleration of rate of sea level rise.

Permafrost? Really?

Chasing Coral

What is happening to our coral reefs? Two degrees of water temperature rise, the magnificent color bleaches white.

Global Warming and climate change

Cassini End of Mission



This school year, when Mr. W isn't in classes, you will be able to find him either in the IT office or the technology labs.

Students are required to check their class lesson pages at least the evening prior to scheduled class to insure they have properly prepared for that day's lessons. All content is available online, and the textbooks are a supplemental source which students much use as part of their learning. Note this is absolutely critical for ICT and Computer Science students, as with the exception of ICT 10, there is no textbook for your classes.

Cornell Notes are required for all reading assignments, all assigned videos, and all in-class lectures. The specifics on how to take Cornell Notes, using the SQR3 text marking scheme is covered during the first week of class. You can also review it by visiting this page in the How to Succeed lesson

On the navigation bar to the right, you can see several "common" links including hobbies and meta indici for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Students in my classes are expected to visit this site and browse to their course material on a daily basis!


Note, effective 1 July 2018, Mr. W will no longer be teaching at GESM. As I move on to a new posting, I will leave this website online for at least the next year to allow my successors the opportunity to harvest the curriculum I have written for the courses they will be teachig. By 1 July 2019, the domain will likely shut down on the web, or at least revert to a caretaker status. While I will no longer be at the German School in Manila, I am not leaving education: I will be director for educational technology at my new school, and teaching one or two classes. I am also not departing the Philippines for more than a few months at a time; I will return to my home during school breaks and summer vacation.

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